Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Test & Repair Laboratory

We have well equipped Laboratory for carrying services &in-house Repairing Electronics Equipment. Lab authorized certified in service by ABB. We provide repair service for any make industrial electronic devices.

Visual inspection
Replacement of all ageing components to preventive maintenance schedule
Replacement of all components according to loading profile and components conditions
Use of genuine replacement parts
Complete cleaning
Surface cleaning
Functional testing
Component characteristics testing on CRO
Load testing
Service report
Proper packing
Delivery from SEPL

Annual Maintenance Contract

In our endeavor to provide value to our customers and help them save cost in the long run we have devised a service offering of ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT. This can be a comprehensive /non-comprehensive maintenance contract wherein we will provide quarterly preventive maintenance of the plant and do the required service of the drives of ABB / non-ABB.